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Volunteer with MNOC

Task Descriptions:


The Meet Director and Computer Operator may take turns doing a course if schedule allows.

Meet Director

(1 person or team) - Generally the first to come, last to leave on the day of the meet. Coordinate all meet volunteers, coordinate transport of equipment to the meet and transfer to the next meet’s director or back to the equipment manager, assist the individual volunteers as needed, put up the signs leading to the meet and banners and flags at meet site, reconcile cash box and get the money to the treasurer. Get the names of volunteers to the website manager.

Computer Operator

(1 person) The Computer Operator works closely with the Meet Director to assist setting up the computer equipment and training the volunteers how to use it.


The Start Team arrives at the Headquarter Area in time to help set up the equipment for the meet and stays until the end of the Start period. Start Team Volunteers will have time to do a course before the Start Area is dismantled.


(3 people) – Handle day-of registrations, sales of whistles and rental of compasses. Set up e-punch equipment and computer with courses and pre-registered competitors. Advise registrants on filling out registration/waiver cards, take fees and assign e-punches. Hand out pre-assigned e-punches according to pre-registration printout. Enter e-punch data into computer for participants that were not pre-registered. Compile results and submit to website manager for posting.


(2 people) – Setup start lanes, keep the official clock, and give people start times.


(1 person) - Help newcomers with information on map reading and symbols, course selection, usage of e-punch, and general questions. Emphasize the importance of mandatory check-in after completing the course. See more details here.


- (1 person) direct registered people to the pre-registered line and remind them to sign release

- direct non-registered people to filling out the registration cards, one per team, both sides

- help with questions registrants may have about anything on the registration cards

- explain to newcomers what the info means on the white board

- advise with course selection for newcomers to the sport

- answer questions if someone is inquiring about the activity

- if anyone needs map-reading instructions, direct them to our Instructions volunteer(s)

See more details here.


The Middle Team arrives as soon as the Start window has ended. These volunteers will have time to do a course before their shift. They can start doing a course as soon as the meet is set up and ready to go, which is usually about 1/2 hour before the official start time.

Results and e-punch Retrieval

(2 people) – Give results printout to participant and retrieve e-punch if rented; put e-punches back into storage boxes.


The Finish Team begins their work as soon as the meet has ended. Control Retrievers must be members of MNOC for insurance purposes.

Control Retrieval/Final Clean Up

(5 or 6 people) - Help pick up the controls after the meet is finished and do final clean up/packing up of equipment into cars.  *Control Retrieval Instructions

MNOC would like to thank you for volunteering. We have a limited number of $5 REI gift cards for each meet to give as thank you's to volunteers. If you would like one, please ask the race director.

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