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Control Retrieval Duties

  1. Must be a MNOC member to do control retrieval (for insurance reasons)

  2. It is good to bring a backpack if you plan on volunteering for control retrieval but we also have bags you can borrow!

  3. Check with the Meet Director, or another designated person who is coordinating control retrieval. They will divide up the retrieval areas so that everything is out of the woods at the end of the day. You'll usually have to wait until most or all of the participants are finished with a course before going out.

  4. Controls are generally picked up by area rather than course. Even picking up two or three controls close to the start area can be a help to the meet organizers. For distant controls, it's often possible to drive to a nearer spot and pick up a few near where you parked.

  5. You should receive a master map with some or all of the controls marked on it. Make sure you know exactly which controls you're going to pick up, and be sure no one else thinks they're doing it! You don't want someone else to report a control as missing if you just picked it up a few minutes before.

  6. If you can't find a control in the correct place, take your time to look around and be sure you've read the map correctly. Controls are rarely lost, stolen, or damaged, but it does happen. Report any problems to the Meet Director when you get back.

  7. If you are not in a hurry to leave, consider staying around to help with sorting and packing up of all controls and electronic control boxes.

Thank you! Your service will be greatly appreciated!

Photo credit: Kendra Stritch

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