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All swag and prizes for the MNOC Adventure-O were donated by MNOC members, friends and supporters. We are grateful for their generous donations so we can continue to keep registration prices low and ensure MNOC resources are dedicated to our mission, including new map development! Please take a moment to read more about our awesome sponsors and consider them when you make your next purchase. is a Minnesota-based publication covering all things outdoors and gear. Founder and editor Stephen Regenold is an avid orienteer, adventure racer, cyclist, and runner. The GearJunkie team are supporters of orienteering and adventure racing and are donating $500 worth of gear to our prize pool.
Wolf Tooth is a bicycle components company that designs and manufactures all its parts right here in Minnesota.  They specialize in 1x mountain bike chainrings that simplify shifting, reduce maintenance, and shave up to 1 pound of weight off your bike compared to typical front derailleur setups. Check us out:
NorSari® is a wool outerwear wrap invented by MNOC member Gwen Daniels. If you spend any time outside in the cold or in a chilly building, a NorSari® is a fashionable way to stay warm. Wrap it over your clothes for an added layer of warmth. Easy on, easy off. Learn more at
Grizzly:  With features you won't find anywhere else and superior quality, Grizzly is the outdoor everything cooler. Whether you're spending a week at hunting camp, on the water trying to land that next lunker, looking for adventure on the trail, tailgating before the big game, or relaxing at base camp the Grizzly is the OUTDOOR EVERYTHING COOLER.  Learn more at:

Zanfel Poison Ivy Wash is the only product clinically shown to remove the plants’ toxin, urushiol, ANYTIME after outbreak of the rash and relieve itching within 30 seconds.  Zanfel is a safer, more effective option than the steroids or antihistamines commonly prescribed for poison ivy, oak, and sumac.  Please contact us at 800-401-4002 or

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