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Welcome to Orienteering!

Welcome to orienteering!  If you’re looking for a new adventure that mixes the great outdoors with a bit of a scavenger hunt, orienteering is the sport for you.  If you currently enjoy hiking, trail running, geocaching, or just a leisurely walk in the park, we’d love for you to come out and join us at one of our events.  It's an activity that everyone in the family can enjoy, regardless of age or experience, and our local events are very inexpensive ranging from only $10-$15.

Orienteering attracts a wide range of participants; from the competitive athlete who wants to experience the exhilaration of running through the woods at top speed, to the non-competitive orienteer who wants to follow the trails and enjoy the park at a more leisurely pace, and every level in between. Most events provide course options for all skill levels and abilities, from beginner to advanced.

Minnesota Orienteering Club (MNOC) hosts about 20 events year-round, and they vary from our standard running-only events to multi-sport events which include running, biking, and paddling.  We also offer both solo and teamed options, and even have bike-only events in the summer, along with ski/snowshoe courses in the winter.

Orienteering in general can be thought of as a timed-event in which participants navigate to checkpoints on a map. The sport challenges both mind and body and is typically referred to as "The Thinking Sport". The basics can be learned in half an hour, but you can spend a lifetime honing your skills. Beginners are always welcome at any of our events, and there are always friendly volunteers on-site willing to give you a quick lesson.


Sound like fun?  We think so, and hope you do as well.  To get started with orienteering, check out our guides below which will walk you through the basics of the sport.


Orienteering Map
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