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MNOC Summer Adventure Run Series Results

Event: Theodore Wirth Park

Date: June 22, 29, July 6

Location: Minneapolis, MN

Week #1 - It rained all day, but stopped about an hour or two before the race. The woods were still quite wet, however. We had a great turnout of new competitors, and one novice orienteer even took advantage of his faster running speed to pull ahead of the leading group and take the win!

Week #2 - For the second week in the series, we had fantastic weather, and a great turnout! The race started out with a bit of intrigue, as the lead group of racers all followed the leader to the WRONG FIRST CONTROL! The trailing group realized the error and corrected it, but the leaders didn't realize the error until they finished with a DNF. To chastise this group (many of them the most experienced orienteers), we have created a "Course of Shame" for their results, which you can view below.

There was also some extra drama DURING the race. As Michael and Ayia McKeen were going around the outside of the Eloise Butler Wildflower Garden, a large tree fell right beside them. Michael was carrying a cellphone, so he stopped and took this photo.

Week #3 - The final week of the Adventure Run series was also the hottest, with a temperature of around 90F at the start. However, it was generally pleasant in the woods, and the courses took us through a residential area to a new section of the park.


Full race results are shown below, and you can view detailed split information at Week #1 :: Week #2 :: Week #3.


You can get a digital copy of your race map here: Week #1: Long :: ShortWeek #2: Long :: ShortWeek #3: Long :: Short


And a special thanks to all of our volunteers!

  • Course Setters & Vetters:  Julie Marcotte / Todd Peterson; Eric Kelly / Tom Puzak; Jeanne LaBore / Todd Peterson

  • Registration: Andrea Schneider

  • Results: Philip Stromme

  • Control Retrieval:

Week 1: Darryn Kozak, Julie Marcotte, Corey McClay, Peter Wentzel

Week 2: Ian Harding, Eric Kelly, Jim Mullin, Tom Puzak

Week 3: Justin Bakken, Nathan Blumenshine, Ian Harding, Mike McKeen, Frances Wood, +2 others

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