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MNOC Meet Results

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Event: US/Canada Team Trials Sprint

Date: April 28, 2017

Location: Como Park, Saint Paul, MN

A cool, sunny day made fantastic conditions for the racers. Although there was tight grouping in the results as one would expect for a sprint, Damaian Konotopetz (Long) and Julia Doubson (Short) came away with decisive victories of 0:59 and 1:04, respectively.


Full race results are shown below, and you can view detailed split information at Attackpoint.

To analyze your route choices in detail, and compare to others, please post your route to RouteGadget. Many thanks go to Valerie Meyer for hosting RouteGadget for the meet.


If you'd like a digital copy of your course map, they are available here: Short :: Long


And a special thanks to all of our volunteers!

  • Course Designer: Erin Schirm

  • Course Setter & Vetter:  Peter Wentzel / Ian Harding

  • Meet Director: Ian Harding

  • Registration: Philip Stromme, Peter Daniels, Peter Laraia

  • Starts: Mike Carlson, Corey McClay, Vincent Laraia, Julie Marcotte, Julia Bohnen, Doug Sheely

  • Results: Philip Stromme, Ian Harding

  • Control Retrieval: Names TBA

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