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Rogaine Mandatory Gear List

March 23, 2016

Personal Gear

  • Backpack with hydration pack, and/or water bottle

  • Safety whistle

  • Spare food (snacks, energy bars, etc.)


Raingear is not required, but is strongly suggested if there will be any chance of showers. Waterproof map cases may be desirable if you plan to pre-mark your route.


Team Gear

  • Two compasses (one primary, one spare)

  • One watch

  • One first aid kit


Whistles are only to be used for emergencies or injury situations. The standard distress signal is a series of three short blasts, followed by a pause, repeated until help arrives. All teams are required to respond to any distress signal. Teams that lose time as a result of responding to a distress signal may be awarded compensatory bonus points, at the race officials' discretion.

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