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Score-O (no snow) Option

In the event of a low or no snow winter, MNOC will conduct a Score-O during the normal Loppet Ski-O time window.


A Score-O is a foot orienteering event where a number of controls are scattered in the map area.  All contestants look at their map at the same time, immediately before a mass start.  The contestants find and punch as many controls as possible, returning to the finish before the 60 minute time limit.  Controls are worth 10 points.  At 60 minutes and 1 second, contestants will start losing points, 5 points for every partial minute over the 60 minute event duration.  E.g. 60:59 is - 5 points, 61:01 is -10 points.


Contestants should dress for the weather, wearing footwear that they feel is best suited for moving fast in hilly, possibly snow covered terrain.  Walking and running are both acceptable.


The start for the Score-O (if needed) will be at TBD.  


Maps will be in a sealed plastic bag.  Most contestants run or walk while holding the map in their hand, a carrying device is not necessary.


You will find that a compass will be helpful.  A simple base plate compass is adequate.

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