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MNOC Dog Policy


Before bringing your dog to a meet, please check with park management or on the park's website to learn about the rules regarding dogs at that park. Although MNOC does not have specific rules regarding dogs at regular meets, we would like to emphasize that club officers have worked hard to develop good working relationships with the park management. All participants in MNOC-sponsored events should conduct themselves in a manner that enhances that relationship on behalf of the club. Using your best dog-owner etiquette will help us maintain access to the club's most precious asset: the parks we orienteer in. Sometimes that may mean leaving your dog at home while you orienteer.

Please also remember that the chaos and congestion that occur at the registration and start/finish area create an environment that is not appropriate for a poorly behaved or unpredictable dog. At certain events, MNOC prepares and serves food items. Dogs should be kept at least 50 feet from food storage, service, consumption, and preparation areas at all times.


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