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Adventure-O Mandatory Gear List

Updated: June 10, 2023

Forms - Please complete these forms and bring them to the event

  • Personal Injury Waiver and Medical Information Sheet will need to be filled out and signed by every participant prior to the race start. Information on the medical summary sheet is considered confidential and will only be communicated to emergency personnel if there is a medical emergency. Medical summary sheets will be destroyed after the event.

Personal Floatation Device for each participant is required to be worn at all times when on the water.

Mandatory Personal Full-time Gear

  • One (1) hydration pack, bring your own water

  • One (1) safety whistle

  • Personal medical supplies for outdoor activity such as inhaler or EpiPen, as appropriate for your situation


Mandatory Personal Biking Gear

  • One (1) bike with at least 1.5" tires

  • One (1) ANSI approved bike helmet

  • One (1) rear red flashing light for bike, in working order. Must be on while riding.

  • Bike repair kit


Mandatory Team Full-time Gear

  • One (1) compass

  • One (1) watch (non-gps)

  • First Aid Kit containing at least the following:

    • Four (4) band aids

    • One (1) ace bandage

    • Pain killer

  • One (1) cell phone in waterproof container for emergency use only


Recommended Equipment

The following equipment is not required, but may be useful... you should trust us on this.

  • Swim goggles or snorkeling mask

  • Waterproof, sealable map case and waterproof pens

  • Long pants, or other suitable leg protection from ticks, sunburn, and vegetation

  • Sun Screen

  • Insect repellent

  • A brimmed hat

  • A dry bag for important gear

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