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MNOC Meet Results

Event: Vampire-O!

Date: October 24, 2019

Location: Theodore Wirth Park, Golden Valley, MN

For a Vampire-O, competitors try to complete a score-o using manual pin punches, while avoiding vampires. If a vampire tags you with their red light, then they steal your punchcard and you become the new vampire.

For this second annual Vampire-O, newly married couple Mark Emmons and Corey Martin finished in first and second! When Mark finished, he reported that he had not seen a single Vampire on the course, but fortunately when Corey finished, she had some tales of Vampire encounters during her run.


Full race results are shown below, and if you'd like a digital copy of your course map, it is available here: Vampire-O

And a special thanks to all of our volunteers!

  • Course Setter & Vetter:  Philip Stromme / Julia Bohnen

  • Registration: Gwen Daniels, Philip Stromme

  • Results: Philip Stromme

  • Control Retrieval: Mike Carlson, Mark Emmons, Corey Martin, Corey McClay, Carter Stritch, Kendra Stritch

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