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Northwoods Rogaine

The Annual MNOC ROGAINE (Rugged Outdoor Group Activity Involving Navigation & Endurance) will not be held in 2018. We have been unable to secure volunteers to Set and Vet the controls for this event. We understand that this may come as a disappointment to you, so we didn’t want to just leave it off the schedule with no explanation. It is our intent to bring this event back in 2019 and every year thereafter, as long as we can secure a park and volunteers.


MNOC understands that some of you feel that volunteering is a daunting task that you may feel unqualified to step forward. As a club, we are going to work on defining the process that we use to complete the various roles it takes to hold an event. We hope that this removes the ambiguity and brings to light the simple yet essential roles that make a meet successful. Look for content in the volunteering section of soon.


Thank you for understanding. See you in the woods.


Peter Wentzel



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