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MNOC Meet Results

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Event: Minnegoat

Date: September 30, 2017

Location: Jay Cooke State Park, Carlton, MN

Beautiful sunny fall day at Jay Cooke with the St :Louis River raging under the swinging bridge after heavy rain earlier in the week.

See MNOC facebook page for  pictures

Full race results are shown below, and you can view detailed split information at Attackpoint.


If you'd like a digital copy of your course map, they are available here: Minnegoat and Minigoat page 1 Minnegoat and Mini-Goat (page 2):: :: Brown


And a special thanks to all of our volunteers!

  • Course Setter & Vetter:  Shaun McKinlay / Ian Harding

  • Meet Director: Ian Harding

  • Registration: Kathi Mullin. Anne Flueckiger

  • Results: Ian Harding

  • Control Retrieval: Carter Stritch, Ian Harding, Sam Glowacki, Peter Daniels, Julia Bohnen, Owen Baird

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