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Skills Clinic Sprint Course Results

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Event: Skills Clinic Sprint Course

Date: April 8, 2017

Location: Plymouth, MN

A great 70 degree day with over 100 participants.  Thanks everyone for coming out and we hope you enjoyed our annual Skills Clinic!

If you could take a couple of minutes to fill-out our 4-question survey, it would be greatly appreciated.  Your feedback helps us improve our events and keeps them running smoothly.


Full race results for our short Sprint course are shown below.  And if you want to see your split times, they're available on Attackpoint.

A map of the Sprint course can be seen here: Sprint Course Map.

And thanks to all our volunteers: Julie Marcotte, Justin Bakken, Pete Wentzel, Andrea Schneider, Phil Stromme, Ian Harding, Julie Bohnen, Erin McDowell, Emily Pollack, Jim Mullin, Pete Daniels, Sara Kiefer, The Hamiltons, Emily & Rob, Gwen & John Daniels, David Rokhinson.

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