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MNOC AR Tune Up Results

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Event: Wakanda and Lake Menomin Parks

Date: May 14, 2016

Location: Menomonie, WI

Although mid-May, it was cold at the start! I think there may have even been a few snow flakes?!? Despite the chilly temperatures, it was a great event, with a number of rookie teams (including team "Sport Jumper" finishing in 3rd place). And once the race began, the cold wasn't so noticeable, except to our amazing volunteers.


The race consisted of:

Team challenge 1 - Trek 1 - Paddle - Team challenge 2 - Bike 1 - Bike 2 (singletrack) - Trek 2 (score-o) - Bike 3 - Finish


Full race results are shown below, and you can view detailed split information at AttackPoint.


And a special thanks to all of our volunteers!

  • Meet Director: Tom Lacksonen

  • Course Setter & Vetter:  Tom Lacksonen / Andrei Karpov

  • Medical/First Aid: Brent Bakken

  • Registration: Philip Stromme

  • Timing/Results: Ian Harding

  • Food: Julia Bohnen

  • Volunteers: Elaine Lacksonen, Julie Marcotte, Mike Mattison, Lynn Mattison, Corey McClay, Jim Mullin

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