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MNOC Meet Results

Event: 17th Annual Adventure-O

Date: July 21, 2018

Location: William O'Brien State Park, Marine On St Croix, MN

We had a beautiful sunny day that was not too hot -- pleasant for racers and volunteers alike. The race started with a mass start in the canoes, with teams choosing their boats in the order that they registered for the race. One control during the bike section was placed about 40 meters out in the water, so one or more members of the team had to wade out to get it.


Full race results are shown below, and if you'd like digital copies of your course maps, they are available here: Paddle :: Bike :: Trek1 :: Trek2


And a special thanks to all of our volunteers!

  • Course Setter & Vetter:  Andrei Karpov / Peter Wentzel

  • Meet Director: Peter Wentzel

  • Registration: Peter Wentzel, Tim Benson

  • Medical: Tim Benson

  • Safety Boat: Ian Harding

  • Food: Mike Carlson

  • Transition Areas and Control Retrieval: Christian Barnard, Elena Cattaneo, Calhoun Gerber, Ian Harding, Mady Johnson, Becca Johnson, Jessica Konicek, Vince Laraia, Corey McClay, Andrea Schneider, Lauryn Stacy, Kendra Stritch, Philip Stromme, Dave Swanson, Kris Swanson, Julie Tanner Fischer

  • Results: Philip Stromme

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