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MNOC Meet Results

Event: Lebanon Hills

Date: March 24, 2018

Location: Eagan, MN

Although the weather was great, conditions in the woods were challenging today. The crusty snow was still deep in most areas, and the packed trails were icy. Those who wore spikes were grateful to have them. The ice was safe for lake crossings, but slippery where the snow had melted and refrozen. Marshes were a different story, with often poor quality ice in the middle, and small areas of open water on the perimeter of some. Groups of JROTC cadets from Washington Tech and Cretin-Derham Hall came out for practice before their main season begins at our next regular event.


Full race results are shown below, and you can view detailed split information at Attackpoint.


If you'd like a digital copy of your course map, they are available here: White :: Yellow :: Orange :: Brown :: Green :: Red


And a special thanks to all of our volunteers!

  • Course Setter & Vetter:  Mike Carlson / Steve Peterman

  • Meet Director: Julia Bohnen

  • Registration: Ian Harding, Philip Stromme, Julia Bohnen, Peter Wentzel

  • Starts: Mike Carlson, Peter Wentzel, Julia Bohnen

  • Results: Philip Stromme

  • Control Retrieval: Julia Bohnen, Dana Colestock, Ian Harding, Andrei Karpov, Tom Lacksonen, Michael Laraia, Radek Lopusnik, Carter Stritch, Kendra Stritch, Carrie Wright, Darryl Wright

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