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It takes a few volunteers at each of the meets to make our O-season successful. We've been doing this for a long time, however, so the process and duties are pretty streamlined. At each of the meets the positions that need to be filled are:

Photo credit: Pete Curtis
  • Meet Director (1 person or team) - Generally the first to come, last to go on the day of the meet. Put up the signs leading to the meet and get the maps and other supplies to the meet. Get the money to the treasurer, collect results, and write a blurb for the newsletter and the web site.
  • Registration (2 people) - Take the fees and hand out the maps and control cards.
  • Start/Finish (2 people) - Keep the watch and give people start and finish times.
  • Instruction (1 person) - Help newcomers with information on how to fill out the control card, make corrections on the map where needed, go through the start procedure and copying of controls to their maps. Also be available to answer general questions.
  • Results (1 person) - Calculate the times and post the cards at the meet.
  • Control Retrieval (4-6 people) - Help pick up the controls after the meet is finished. (This is a good way to do an extra course for free!)
Click here for more detailed descriptions of each of these positions.

If you would like to contribute to the success of the MNOC meets by volunteering for one of these positions, please contact compass@mnoc.org to be put in contact with the meet director.

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