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Orienteering For Teachers and Group Leaders

In 2004, the outdoor enthusiasts' store REI kindly funded a grant to MNOC to establish "Orienteering Toolkits for Teachers". These kits are available for rental from MNOC on a first-come first-served basis. These kits have material suitable for use in the classroom, school grounds, and on the MNOC permanent courses at Lake Elmo and Wirth Park. Maps of other areas are available for purchase from MNOC.

Teachers and group leaders will benefit most from the kits if they take time to prepare themselves using the resource materials and by attending MNOC events. In addition, MNOC typically offers a class in "How to teach orienteering" at the annual Hyland clinic each March. It is important for the group leader to plan ahead so that the group can enjoy the experience and challenges are set at the appropriate level - not too easy, nor too hard. No one enjoys the memory of a "death march!"

Each kit contains the following items:

  1. Books and reference materials
    McNeill, Carol et al. Teaching Orienteering, 2nd edition (excellent!)
    Boga, Steve. Orienteering.
    Kjellström, Björn. Be Expert with Map and Compass.
    Garrett, Mary E. Orienteering and Map Games for teachers
  2. Compasses
    30 each Suunto A-10 partner II compasses
    1 large demo compass
  3. Orienteering Teacher's CD
    Suunto PC orienteering educational package (1 CD)
  4. Orienteering flags and punches
    12 orange and white marker flags
    12 pin punches
    100 punch cards
  5. Maps
    30 Lake Elmo Regional Park permanent course maps (laminated)
    30 Wirth Park permanent course maps (laminated)
  6. Storage Container (plastic)

There are 3 kits available.

The rental deposit is $75 and rental fee is $40 for the first month with an additional $15/week. The maximum rental period is 10 weeks. A detailed inventory is performed on pick up and return; missing/damaged items are assessed at cost (e.g., compasses $10 each, flags $8 each, maps $2 each). The kits can be shipped (parcel post insured) by U.S. Postal Service for an additional $15, or picked up/returned to Mahtomedi, MN. The renting group is responsible for all shipping and insurance. Rental inquiries with desired dates, shipping information, etc. should be addressed to Ian Harding via e-mail or at 651-779-6143.

Note: It is your responsibility to obtain permission form the pertinent park authority and land owners. Some regional park districts do not allow any off trail travel without a permit, so check with the park manager or other staff before holding an event. Please try to ensure the good image of orienteering is maintained. Parks may request that you avoid areas due to such factors as bird nesting/habitat, golf courses, rare plants, erosion damage, etc.

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