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Who We Are

The Minnesota Orienteering Club is a group of orienteering enthusiasts volunteering their efforts to promote the enjoyment of their favorite sport within Minnesota. The club sponsors many Orienteering Meets throughout the year. The meets are casual and you need no previous experience to participate.

MNOC is one of about 70 clubs nationwide that promote orienteering under the auspices of Orienteering USA.. You can view the Contacts page for a list of club officers and contact information.

MNOC is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. Donations to our map fund are always welcome.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is orienteering?

We have a short introduction to the sport of orienteering. For further web resources, see our links page. You also may find a book or two on orienteering at your local library. Outdoor stores such as REI usually have orienteering and navigation books for sale.

What are your meets like?

All ages and skill levels are welcome, and club members will be available to explain a little about the sport and give advice. Read more on the General Information page.

How much does orienteering cost?

Orienteering is a relatively inexpensive sport. A beginning orienteer only needs some running or hiking shoes, a compass, a whistle, and a map that you receive when you register at an orienteering meet. Course fees are listed on the General Information page.

What do I need to bring or wear for orienteering?

Requirements for orienteering are few. You should wear old clothes; jeans or long pants for protection from vegetation, a long-sleeved shirt, and running or hiking shoes. Bring (or rent on site) a protractor plate compass, and a whistle if you have one. Bring a hydration pack, water bottle or similar to provide for your drinking water needs.

Can I bring my dog to a orienteering event?

Before bringing your dog to a meet, please check with park management or on the park's website to learn about the rules regarding dogs at that park. Although MNOC does not have specific rules regarding dogs at regular meets, we would like to emphasize that club officers have worked hard to develop good working relationships with the park management. All participants in MNOC-sponsored events should conduct themselves in a manner that enhances that relationship on behalf of the club. Using your best dog-owner etiquette will help us maintain access to the club's most precious asset: the parks we orienteer in. Sometimes that may mean leaving your dog at home while you orienteer.

Please also remember that the chaos and congestion that occur at the registration and start/finish area create an environment that is not appropriate for a poorly behaved or unpredictable dog. At certain events, MNOC prepares and serves food items. Dogs should be kept at least 50 feet from food storage, service, consumption, and preparation areas at all times.

Who runs the meets?

Volunteers do! If you are a member, please consider volunteering for one or more meets per year. There are several interesting jobs to do and you will not be charged any meet fees if you decide to do a course.

How can I contact MNOC?

E-mail is the quickest way to contact MNOC. See our Contacts page for a list of club officers and commitee chairs.

Comments, questions, and constructive criticism concerning the MNOC web pages may be e-mailed to: compass@mnoc.org
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